Frances Weddell and a 4-S Club Member Juan E. Rosario and a 4-S Club Member Gerald Rutland and a 4-S Club Member

A Peace Corps experience is something to be remembered. The volunteers in the original Brazil 4-S project felt this was particularly true of their experience. They were the pioneer group in Brazil, blazing a trail for others to follow, and setting standards of performance for others to emulate.

They reached out into the interior of Brazil, exposing many rural people to the first Americans they had ever seen. They helped to introduce a significant education program, 4-S Club work into many rural communities. They have shared the fun and laughter, the sweat and toil, the hopes and dreams, and the sorrows and fears of many new found friends across this infinite country. Brazil will always be their second home!

They have had their share of problems and satisfactions. The joy of success and the struggle of adversity has drawn them together, fostering a spirit of friendship, loyalty and esprit de corps.

These things are are worth remembering. The Brazil I 4-S Peace Corps project provided the first opportunity for the U. S. 4-H Club Movement to actively assist with the development of a counterpart rural youth movement abroad. The National 4-H Foundation has been pleased to share in this effort with the volunteers and the Peace Corps. It has been a source of great satisfaction to follow the successful efforts of this group.

We commend the work of the Brazil I volunteers.

Warren Schmidt, Coordinator

4-H Peace Corps Projects

National 4-H Club Foundation


Source: Brazil I: Picture Book, printed by Associação Brasileira de Crédito e Assistência Rural, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 1964


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