The 25th Anniversary reunion took place at the same site we had our physical and survival training in the mountains of Puerto Rico, Camp Crozier, from July 5 to 11, 1987. Many of us had the opportunity to share our experiences, find out about our lives after Peace Corps service and a chance to visit many places across the Island. The government of Puerto Rico allowed us to use those facilities free of charge and the food we were charged only to cover expenses.

During the opening ceremony we had the opportunity to have a welcoming message delivered by the city mayor of Arecibo. Among the activities we had the opportunity to visit and being welcomed by the mayors of the cities of Arecibo, Ponce, San Juan and Juana Diaz. In our visit to San Juan we had the chance to attend ceremonies at the City Hall, and the Governor’s Mansion “La Fortaleza”, also visiting the old city and its historical places. Even we had the opportunity to go to a night club to enjoy Brazilian music.

Also for the first time we had the chance to swim in the swimming pool we began to construct during our training at the camp. The Puerto Rico Radio Observatory was another interesting place we visited and the tour guide was Garred Giles, RPCV Colombia. Among those attending were, according to my recollection:

  1. Bob and Myra Anderson
  2. John and Priscilla Dolan
  3. Angelica (Angie) Simmons
  4. Lorraine (Lorie) Adams
  5. Corinne Hay
  6. Gerald Rutland
  7. John Schely
  8. Harold Walton
  9. Norma Canfield
  10. Gloria Lyons
  11. Esther Diaz
  12. Modesto Ortiz
  13. Rosario Martinez
  14. Manuel Cruz
  15. Juan E. Rosario
  16. Eloina Rosario (RPCV-Chile/Korea) There were others RPCVs attending that I wish to include in this list, but can’t remember. If there is any one not included, please, let me know.
attendees registration-table
memorial-service2 bob-myra-lorie-angie-john-dollan-and-modesto
the-first-day the-welcoming-meeting
At the Arecibo Observatory Bob Anderson, Angie, Gerald Rutland, John Dolan, Gloria
By the beach By the beach2
By the beach3 By the beach4
Corinne, Norma Esther, Modesto, esposo de Esther y Manuel Cruz
Gerald Rutland, Angie and Harrold Walton Gerald Rutland, John Schley, Angie
Juan Rosario, Bob Anderson, Gerald Rutland, Esther Diaz Juan Rosario, John and Priscilla Dollan
Memorial service Memorial service2
Ready to board a bus The first day


During the week of June 25 – 30, 2007 members of our Brazil I 4-S CECADER - Site of the ReunionProject gathered in the city of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico to celebrate its 45th Anniversary. The reunion site was a collaboration of the Department of Sports and Recreation of Puerto Rico’s Leadership Training Center (CECADER) located at the former Ramey Air Force Base.

During that time we had the opportunity to share experiences, visit various locations in the neighborhood.

These are some of the RPCVs and relatives attending:

  1. Francis and Sybil Pressly, Project Director
  2. John (PC Leader for Central II region) and Priscilla Dolan (Boa Parada and Florianopolis, Santa Catarina)
  3. Gerald (Sao Estevao, Bahia) and Elaine Rutland
  4. Robert (PC Leader for the Central I region) and Myra Anderson (Lavras, Minas Gerais)
  5. Charlie Furrow (Sao Tomé, Rio Grande do Norte) and Pat Furrow
  6. Robert (Colatina, Santa Catarina), Jean and Nicholas Hadley
  7. Norma Canfield (Formiga, Minas Gerais)
  8. Richard Loos (PC Leader for the Southern region)
  9. Lorie Adams (Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina)
  10. Corinne Hay (Curvelo and Machado, Minas Gerais), Hollie, Ryan and Tyler Boring
  11. Esther Diaz (Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais) and Karlem Melendez
  12. Modesto Ortiz (Ubá, Minas Gerais)
  13. Juan E. Rosario (Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais)
  14. José Huerta (RPVC Dominican Republic)
  15. Garred Giles (RPCV Colombia and Ecuador)
  16. Miriam Acevedo (RPCV Ecuador)
  17. Eloina Rosado (RPCV Chile and Korea)

José Huerta, Garred Giles and Miriam Acevedo were part of the organizing group. Both of these friends and colleagues came to give their support by petition of Gloria Lyons just before her death in May.

Bob Anderso, Norma Canfield & Eloina Borrero (Chile & Korea)
Partial Group Attending the Reunion
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The Peace Corps will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2011.

To record personal stories from former Peace Corps Volunteers, camp construction workers and camp workers, a group of four representatives of the Peace Corps offices in Washington, DC and Atlanta came to the former training camp in Utuado, Puerto Rico on Saturday, September 19, 2009.

Their first task was to walk around the facilities to have a first hand experience of what was this camp back in the 1960 decade. Probably this area will be considered to be part of this coming celebration.

Afterward there was a meeting a nearby Community Center. In attendance were RPCVs from many projects and countries of service, former construction and camp workers, the Mayor of the city of Utuado, the Chancellor of the University of Puerto Rico Campus of Utuado.

After more than fifteen year of abandonment, this camp will be transformed by a Community Cooperative into an ecological friendly lodge and recreational facility. Depending on the financing of the project they will reconstruct the original wood buildings or build a new ones.


The Atlanta Office of the Peace Corps is planning to a 50th anniversary celebration at this site on June 4, 2011 to commemorate its 50th anniversary. All former Peace Corps Volunteer are invited to attend. No other information for this activity is currently available as April 11, 2011.

Meeting Camp Dormitories